I’m so excited! I finally finished the revisions of my first novel. Now I am in need of some readers. I’m looking for people who are willing to read the book and give me feedback. I have specific questions for you to answer in addition to just giving me your feel for the story. I’m […]

So with baby number 3 on the way we are in desperate need of a new car situation. Ideally, we wanted to get a minivan, but it’s just not in the budget right now. But as you can see there is no way we are fitting that third carseat in the back of my little […]

Unfortunately, some days I just don’t accomplish much. If you are human you know what I mean. We’ve all had them, days that just lack in productivity. I can have the best of intentions at the beginning of the day, but then life just happens… The kids are extra needy – mine have been sick […]

We’ve all made excuses for why we are late to church. It just happens, and if it has never happened to you, if you’ve never been late one day in your life, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore (just kidding I love you anyway). Well, being late is something I’ve really strived to […]

I’m just tired… Nope, tired isn’t a strong enough word… I’m weary, weary of this world. As if being a mom of two young children wasn’t exhausting enough (it is!), there is all the mess that is this world trying to weigh me down.   Politics have been a constant discussion in our family as […]

Some mornings are just bad, but some mornings are beautiful. Then there are mornings like today. Before 9 am fingers had been smashed, diapers had been filled, and bananas had rolled across the table. The pushing and screaming and whatnot had been a bit excessive. (Now, please note, if you know me well you already […]